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Securitay Consulting Services

Securitay offers consulting services to our customers that take advantage of our unique skillsets and experience. Contact us if you have questions about the project possibilities below or if you have a different type of project in mind.


Customized Identity Management Solutions

The current crop of Identity Management solutions are known for their complexity and lack of out-of-the-box capability. While the basic IM software is relatively inexpensive, project prices tend to be much higher because of the amount of customization that is required. Securitay Services can help bring projects in on time, and on or under budget. Securitay consultants are different than other company's consultants because they are all former product developers with experience building products like Microsoft Windows™. When our consultants look at a problem they think of it in terms of product - in other words what's the robust, repeatable solution to this problem given the tools at hand? Even if Securitay has not solved a problem exactly like yours, we've certainly solved a problem that was very similar and we typically won't have to charge you for developing a solution starting from square one. Example consulting engagements for Identity Management Solutions include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Single Sign-On

  • Role-based access control for applications

  • Custom provisioning for Federated environments

  • Workflow-based provisioning systems

  • User self-service portals

  • Customized Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) solutions

Application and System Architecture

Our consultants possess an unmatched level of knowledge and expertise regarding the core security services that ship with Microsoft Server™ and client operating systems. If you are an ISV or large organization that is trying to layer a security service on top of Microsoft's infrastructure then you can avoid many problems and missteps by having our consultants:

  • Review architecture and specifications

  • Design authentication integration sub-systems

  • Design authorization models

Software Development

Is your project falling behind? Are your developers not of the caliber that you need for your project to succeed? Maybe your team just needs a bit of advice? Securitay's consultants have an average of 12 years of experience designing and developing one of the most complex and critical subsystems in the world, the Microsoft Windows security system. Securitay can help with critical coding tasks and/or provide needed leadership and mentoring to an existing development team. Examples of what our consultants can do for your team include:

  • Perform custom coding to extend the most critical sub-systems in the OS, such as the Local Security Authority (LSA)

  • Integrate capabilities from our extensive and powerful library of helper routines and modules

  • Provide training on critical development skills such as system-level debugging and error handling

  • Code reviews for robustness and security

Security and Identity Management Solutions
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