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Security Policy Manager

Reporting on and controlling access across a large set of networked resources is one of the biggest IT challenges facing enterprise organizations. If your company has an extensive Windows infrastructure including Windows File and Print Servers, SharePoint, SQL, and IIS-hosted web applications, then you are probably searching for - or at least thinking about - how you are going to implement a solution that allows for centralized access control for all of these distributed resources.

We believe that access management through authorization policies has become much more complex then it really needs to be. Our product, Security Policy Manager (SPM) focuses on that idea and provides a simplified access model which can be applied to almost any resource type. Have you ever looked with horror upon the Advanced ACL editor in Windows? If so, then keep reading.


Our product enables simple role-based access using a simple access model called CRUDE, where Create, Read, Update, Delete, and Execute are the main permissions that users, groups, or roles are granted. These permission levels are simple enough to understand that operational management of critical resources can be delegated to business units with a high confidence that security policies will be managed effectively and correctly.


Security Policy Manager, or SPM, also provides all the infrastructure you need to make audits a relatively pleasant experience. By implementing your organizational security and access policies through our application, you can demonstrate real-time compliance with our easy to use dashboard and notifications. Full reporting capability is built in, with the ability to generate reports based on policy, resources or user/group access levels.


If policies are ever found to be in violation, resource owners are notified through a variety of mechanisms and remdiation is usually one-click away. For the most sensitive materials, SPM can be configured to operate fully automated, constantly checking resource configuration against policy in real-time and immediately repairing any incorrect permissions.


If some of these capabilities align with what you have been thinking about, then Securitay's Security Policy Manager is likely just what you are looking for.


Security Policy Manager offers the following features:

  • Report snapshots provide a historical record of access

  • Reports that describe what resources users can access and their privilege levels

  • Web-based for easy deployment and universal accessibility

  • Built-in support for managing security on Windows File Shares, Sharepoint, SQL, and Custom Applications

  • One-click or fully automated remediation of policy violations

  • Extensible architecture that allows for management of most any resource

  • Greatly simplifies management through access modeling using CRUDE access levels

  • Granular access levels can be used if needed

  • Deploy with GMP to manage roles and permissions seamlessly

  • Supports any size organization

  • Simple to use and understand

  • Comprehensive workflow capabilities including approval and notification

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