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Securitay products are the outcome of a focused strategy to become the most cost effective and reliable provider of enterprise-class Security and Identity Management applications that integrate seamlessly with Active Directory™ and a Microsoft-based Infrastructure.

Group Management Portal

How long does the process take in your organization to get a distribution list or security group created? If the process takes more then five minutes, then the delay may be hurting your business. Regular users have better things to do then harp after the IT staff. The solution? Empower your users with the ability to create, manage and control their own distribution lists and security groups. At the same time, this will free up your Active Directory and Exchange administrators so they can concentrate on more important tasks then the endless stream of requests to create new groups and add and remove users from existing groups.

Group Management Portal (GMP) is a product designed specifically to support the end-to-end, self-service management of both Microsoft Exchange Distribution Lists and Active Directory Security Groups. With advanced features such as workflow, notifications, and full reporting, it's a solution that can't be beat at any price.

Security Policy Manager


One of the most difficult management tasks in Windows is trying to find out exactly who has access to network resources. These resources could be file shares, web sites, SharePoint, databases - you name it! For example, the only way to manage access for files in a folder shared over the Network is to use the clumsy Properties dialog for a folder. To manage a large number of resources, you have to open each folder properties page individually and then add, remove or adjust the permissions for individuals or groups.

Security Policy Manager (SPM) introduces a fresh and novel approach to solving an old problem. Through an intuitive and simple web interface, SPM lets your adminsitrators easily manage resource access permissions by managing policies. Policies allow you establish simplified access levels for different organizational roles and apply those access levels across a wide variety of resources - all through a single interface!

Once established, SMP provides real-time or near real-time monitoring of security policies to make sure that someone doesn't make a mistake (best case!) or an attacker doesn't steal your important data (worst case!).

SMP is robust, secure and easily extensible by either Securitay or your own development resource to almost any application or resource type that has a remote interface.

With the unparalleled level of control provided by SMP, security audit nightmares may become a thing of the past.

Contact Manager

Contact Manager is a web application that allows an organization's end-users to manage contact objects in Microsoft Exchange®. Providing self-service functionality for contact management can greatly increase the efficiency and reliability of external collaboration using e-mail.

Security and Identity Management Solutions
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