Introducing Group Management Portal Enterprise!

Building on the success of our basic Group Management solution, Securitay is proud to introduce Group Management Portal Enterprise (GMPE). Developed to meet the requirements of one of the largest global corporations, GMPE is now available for organizations with similiar requirements. Along with all of the features of the basic version, GMPE offers the following additional features and capabilities:

  • Robust multi-forest capability
  • Manage Send-To and Send-As permissions for distribution lists
  • Dynamic (auto-calculated) group memberships based on attribute values in Active Directory
  • Date-based expiration of membership in groups or distribution lists
  • Date-based expiration of groups and distribution lists
  • Additional user roles such as "Help Desk" and "Power User"

To speak to someone about GMPE please contact us by e-mail or phone at 425-392-0203.

Group Management Portal

Your users need to collaborate. They need to communicate. You must provide them with the tools to be able to do these things and remove unnecessary blockers to your company becoming an efficient, dynamic organization.


Microsoft Exchange™ Distribution Lists are a wonderful tool for collaboration in a dynamic business envionment. This potential resource is underused in many environments, however, because many end-users don't want to - or can't afford to - go through the process of contacting IT and then waiting for a list to be created. Once it is created, users normally have to go through the same kind of process to add or remove users. All of this creates a barrier to using a powerful tool that your organization should be able to freely utilize.

Active Directory security groups and mail-enabled security groups are a powerful feature of Active Directory that suffer from exactly the same issues and barriers. Making it easier for end uses to create and manage security groups improves the ability of the business to collaborate securely and with greater efficiency.

The solution is to "out source" list and group management to the end-users themselves. Give your users the power to create distribution lists or security groups and manage the membership as they see fit. Allow other people to make requests to join lists or groups and allow the owners of the list or group (not IT!) the ability to approve or deny the request.

Now your organization can benefit from Securitay's Group Management Portal, a brand new, state-of-the-art ASP.NET™ application that combines the best features of similar custom-built applications in use by many large companies with a robust architecture and dynamic capabilities that will grow with your organization

Group Management Portal offers the following features:

  • Integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Active Directory™ and Microsoft Exchange™
  • Supports any size organization
  • Simple to use and understand by even minimally trained employees
  • Usage quotas preclude employee abuse
  • Comprehensive workflow capabilities including approval and notification
  • Application configuration through simple and intuitive web-based management interfaces
  • Constrain object creation to pre-configured Organizational Units

With Group Management Portal, your organization will realize the following benefits:

  • Improved business processes for ad-hoc collaboration
  • Better security management of distributed information
  • Reduced Administrative and Help Desk costs
  • Empowered and more productive employees
  • Improved auditability

For a deeper look into the Group Management Portal, and Group Management in general, please read the Group Management Whitepaper.

To speak to someone about GMP please contact us by e-mail or phone at 425-392-0203.